Metchosin Online strives to be a resource for all residents of Metchosin who wish to shop locally. If you are a resident of Metchosin and operate your business here, you are welcome to a free listing on this website. This offer is extended to both large and small businesses. From high-profile restaurants to the teenager who rakes leaves after school, big and small, we list them all.

We will also be listing local events, and hope to be your go-to resource for what’s happening in Metchosin.

Who’s idea was this?

It all started in the winter of 2016 when three Metchosin ladies were lamenting the difficulties involved when attempting to shop locally. We, like many would prefer to keep our money as close to home as possible, but the smaller Metchosin businesses, especially those without an online presence, are often overlooked or are unknown to the majority.   We hatched a plan to pool our talents and create a website that would aid our fellow Metchosinites in locating locally owned businesses and services.

We rolled up our sleeves, put our thinking caps on and got to work.  We reviewed previously listings, added new ones, purchased a new domain, and made it live for everyone to enjoy.  We have a Metchosin Online Facebook page that will allow real time information and promote the happenings that are going on in our beautiful little corner of the world.