‘Chosin Pottery

A beautiful gallery and showroom set in an award-winning garden featuring some of the finest work in the Pacific Northwest by  Judi Dyelle and the late Robin Hopper


Chosin Life

We have lived in Metchosin for 30 years. We specialize in garlic, honey, pottery and fine woodworking. We also raise Ridley Bronze turkeys.

Cliff Top Studio

The west coast imagery is central in her paintings from the soft seascapes to the shells and other beach treasures delicately rendered in watercolour.


Frank Mitchell

I enjoy painting portraits, plein air landscapes, the occasional “political” piece and landscapes which explore valid alternatives to standard perspective.

John’s Unique Pens

Hardwoods & Acrylic Pens, hand crafted.

Check us out at the Metchosin Farmers Market

Kitsune Crafting

Kitsune Crafting is a small Artisan Manufacture business. We produce leather armour and accessories primarily and also work with plexiglass and wood materials. However we happily accept costume commissions and work with with various film and roleplay customers.


Kivari Studio

Jennifer Kivari is a mosaic, mixed-media and bricolage artist in Victoria, BC.  Her highly creative artwork contains recycled and organic objects, clarity, depth and streams of consciousness.


Koolman Forge

We make everything by hand, avoiding automation, as we believe that the time-honored, blacksmith hot forging techniques add distinctive detail and quality to each piece.


Licorice Fern Studio

Just as everything in nature is connected, the colourful fabrics, threads, stitches, paints, and the various mediums and embellishments that we experiment with, all work in co-operation with one another. Together we present impressions of the beauty we find all around us.


Lorna Ball fine art mosaics

I call it ‘painting with stained glass’. I like to try to mimic some of the greats like Emily Carr and Tom Thompson.  I am a self taught Artist.   Many years ago, I was admiring a landscape mosaic made of tinted grains.   I was blown away at the detail and intricacy.  A few years after that, I found myself working with stained glass.  I had a lot of scraps leftover and decided to try making some mosaics.  One day I was looking at Van Gogh’s Starry Night and thought that his paint strokes looked a lot like the glass cuttings I had on my work table.  I reproduced it as a stained glass mosaic.  Then I noticed that Emily Carr’s brush strokes could also be transformed into a mosaic.  As I was reproducing the ‘Masters’ I was learning about art!  Now I create My own masterpieces


Lorraine Thorarinson Betts

An artist working in painting, mixed media, and monotype from her studio in Metchosin, B.C.


Metchosin ArtPod

Metchosin ArtPod is an artist-run collective and gallery located in the MACCA building in the village of Metchosin. We support local visual artists by offering opportunities to learn, create, show, and sell original work, and offer the community a venue for engaging with the visual arts.

We offer:

  • Open calls for art submissions to artists in our region and beyond
  • Externally juried art shows and sales in a gallery setting
  • Show opening events, featured artist talks, and discussion forums
  • Weekly drop-in art sessions
  • Art workshops, resource networks and learning opportunities

Art drop-in sessions are held during the week, and the gallery is open Fri -Sun, 11-4. For more information, please see our website: metchosinartpod.ca or email us: contact@metchosinartpod.ca


Metchosin Arts & Cultural Centre Association

The MACCA purpose is to provide suitable facilities and programs for the arts and cultural community in Metchosin.

Metchosin International Summer School of the Arts

The Metchosin International Summer School of the Arts has been providing high caliber specialized workshops for artists, teachers and serious adult students since 1984.

Monchou designs

Artist (painter), and occasional costume designer, mask maker, theatre prop crafter and sometimes instructor.

Penny’s Fine Art

I paint landscapes, seascapes, wildlife and pet portraits. My medium is pastel or graphite. Many of my paintings are local Metchosin scenes, although some are of more exotic places I have visited.


Ruby Creek Creations

Vicki Lewis-Anderson is an artist inspired by Nature’s gifts and creates one of a kind driftwood art and sculptures and also works in multi-media.

Address: 5251 Rocky Point Rd


Studio H Canada

Visual Art Studio and BnB.

Heidi Bergstrom MA, BFA is a multimedia visual artist. Please contact me to visit the studio or check out the Facebook page for upcoming events and art jams. The studio is also available to visiting artists and those who would like to undertake a residency or retreat.


The Cedar Box Woolery

Local handspun yarn from Metchosin, BC. The wool is sourced from happy free-ranging local sheep (and a few llamas), and processed by hand.

Wing Nut Designs

Bert Lambier, Art Welder

Winged Horse Studio

I am an award-winning, local visual artist working in printmaking, painting and photography. Unique, evocative portraits and other commissioned pieces and a sensitive and serene aesthetic.


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