Metchosin Mamas and Papas

This is a group for Metchosin parents/families/grandparents and those who are connected to this area to share activities, info, buy/sell/trade and promote their services and offerings.

Metchosin Village Square

A space to post pictures, ideas and thoughts about a future Metchosin Village Square.

Metchosin! Facebook Group

Connect with your neighbours, advertise garage sales, connect with other families, discuss news, buy, sell, trade in Metchosin. Everything Metchosin.

A community website by Larry Moss. While this is a completely volunteer project it was partially made possible with a grant from the Metchosin Arts and Cultural Center Association for helping to promote Metchosin and the Arts.

Residents of Metchosin

A group for those to have opinions and views regarding Metchosin.

Wild Wise Metchosin

A place to share wildlife sightings, photos and ask questions. As a volunteer-run community group, our mission is to reduce human-wildlife conflicts through public education.