Lorna Ball fine art mosaics

I call it ‘painting with stained glass’. I like to try to mimic some of the greats like Emily Carr and Tom Thompson.  I am a self taught Artist.   Many years ago, I was admiring a landscape mosaic made of tinted grains.   I was blown away at the detail and intricacy.  A few years after that, I found myself working with stained glass.  I had a lot of scraps leftover and decided to try making some mosaics.  One day I was looking at Van Gogh’s Starry Night and thought that his paint strokes looked a lot like the glass cuttings I had on my work table.  I reproduced it as a stained glass mosaic.  Then I noticed that Emily Carr’s brush strokes could also be transformed into a mosaic.  As I was reproducing the ‘Masters’ I was learning about art!  Now I create My own masterpieces


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