Company Profile – SweetArt Supplies

Gwen baked up the idea for SweetArt Supplies from scratch 8 years ago. 🙂

As with most small businesses, SweetArt Supplies was started when the owner realized there was a need to be filled. Gwen was always an avid baker and was disappointed with the look of the cupcake and muffin liners that marred the appearance of her finished products. She began looking for a source for cupcake and muffin liners that didn’t absorb fat.

“Sourcing beautiful commercial grade cupcake liners that maintain their vivid colours became an obsession. I knew that if I was having difficulty locating a reliable source, there would be other bakers in the same position.”

After 5 months of searching, she located a source in Sweden and now imports greaseproof cupcake liners that don’t lose their colour.

SweetArt Supplies sells more than cupcake liners (also called baking papers, muffin papers, or cupcake wrappers). The website ( ) lists over 1000 products that are used by both commercial and home bakers. Cake and cupcake decorating supplies, cookie cutters, fondant, gourmet chocolate, commercial grade vanilla, packaging supplies and edible imaging are just a few of the offerings.

Gwen has thousands of cookie cutters in stock. Everything from cutters of animals, baby theme, weddings, sea creatures, farm animals. The packaging supplies range from ‘goodie bags’ to larger containers and are popular with those hosting parties or selling their baked goods.

She attributes her use of the gourmet chocolate sold by SweetArt Supplies to the success of baked good sales at her roadside stand, and those of us who have indulged in ‘Gwen’s Goodies‘ can attest to this.

“Gourmet chocolate is better because it is pure chocolate. Grocery store quality chocolate is waxy and doesn’t melt as well. There is a remarkable difference in the finished product.”

Edible imaging is the newest product available at SweetArt Supplies. Clients supply a graphic or photo which is printed on a fondant sheet. These thin sheets can be applied to the top of cakes, cupcakes, cookies, etc. and yes, as suggested by their name, they are edible.

SweetArt Supplies has products for caterers, commercial bakers, hobby bakers, small home-based bakers and anyone who wants to make their baked goods look as good as they taste.

Visit SweetArt Supplies at or the SweetArt Supplies Facebook page

Company Profile – Vancouver Island Rubber Stamp

Vancouver Island Rubber Stamp is a Metchosin owned small business that manufactures self-inking and traditional rubber stamps for personal and business use.

Jessica, the owner of Vancouver Island Rubber Stamp, is one of the three people who run, so while this Metchosin company profile is somewhat self-serving, we had to get the ball rolling somehow, so why not start with one of our own.

In 2010, when Vancouver Island Rubber Stamp first opened, the use of rubber stamps in the corporate environment and for personal use had seen a steady decline for a number of years. Being a small, locally owned company without the backing of a national firm posed some marketing challenges as well. Nevertheless, Jessica loved making rubber stamps and knew that being the only Vancouver Island owned rubber stamp manufacturer would be seen as a plus to the “Shop Local” crowd.

“People see the value of shopping local. More money re-circulates in our region when purchases are made at locally owned, independent businesses, and this helps other local businesses and strengthens the local economy.”

Jessica has been making rubber stamps for over 22 years and has witnessed a market shift over time. Early in her stamp making career, the overwhelming majority of the stamps were for office and government use. Now, about 50% of the products sold are large traditional rubber stamps used by small businesses to stamp their logos on marketing and packaging materials.

Vancouver Island Rubber Stamp

“Small business owners are using rubber stamps to brand their products. Stamped business cards, bags, shipping boxes and tags can all be used to promote a company without committing to purchasing large quantities of pre-printed items.”

Rubber stamps are manufactured on site and sizes range from a single 6pt character to large 10″ x 6″ (approx. 25cm x 15cm) rocker mount stamps. The process to create a rubber stamp involves a negative and UV sensitive photopolymer. The rubber plates can be mounted on self-inking or traditional hand stamps or can be made with a special cling backing for attaching to clear acrylic blocks which are popular with art stampers and scrapbookers. Customers wanting a stamp can supply their own artwork or a description of what they want and have the design created for them.

Vancouver Island Rubber Stamp does not have a retail store, and all products are custom made. Stamps are sold through the website at and by email at